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I have been meaning to write this journal entry during the games, but kept putting it off until now. So I thought I'd go ahead and write it, even though the Olympics is over now.

Here's a link to the Raccoons fanfic I wrote back in 2012 when the London Olympics was happening. :)
Written by Stephen Ricketts, Jennifer Elliot, Rkerekes13 & Jacob Turner
The Raccoons © Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group
Alvin and the Chipmunks © Bagdasarian Productions & DiC
Michelle Raccoon © Brighteyespegasi
Alicia, Melanie & Zoza © Alicia Martin
Mel Raccoon © Mel Lowe
Stephen Raccoon © Stephen Ricketts
The Railway Dragon © Lacewood Productions
Animalympics © Lisberger Studios
Bentley and Penny were relaxing by the lake, with fishing rods.
PENNY: 'It was nice of you to invite me here, Bentley.'
BENTLEY: 'Thanks, Penny. To be honest, I miss Bert and even my sister, ever since they went to England to compete in the Olympics.'
PENNY: 'I know, I miss 'em too. But we'll get to see them live on TV.'
BENTLEY: 'That's true. And Michelle's sister is visiting us again.'
Mel Raccoon and Stephen Raccoon stepped off the train, and were greeted by Michelle, who was wai

Also, knowing there have been a few sport events in the Raccoons, I thought I'd list them out, even ones not included in the Olympics. :)

STOP THE CLOCK: Track and Field
LIFE IN THE FAST LANE: Motocross Racing
THE SKY'S THE LIMIT: Flight Contest**
STEALING THE SHOW: Skateboard Contest**
MOVING IN: Basketball
GO FOR GOLD: Triathlon

The ones with ** I'm not sure if they count as sport events.

I might have missed some, but that's all I can remember. :)

Part 1

Written by Stephen Ricketts

All known Sonic characters © SEGA, DiC Entertainment, Archie Comics & Fleetway’s Sonic The Comic

Mobius, years ago, long before Robotnik came along. An evil sorcerer named Naugus was attacking a city, and leading the resistance was a blue hedgehog named Jules.
  'You will not get your hands on the Power Stone, Naugus!' said Jules with confidence.
  'We shall see, Jules,' said Naugus. 'You have one hour to bring me the Power Stone, or I will send Mobodoon into the eternal void!'
  The evil sorcerer teleported out, laughing evilly.
  Jules ran to his home, where his wife Bernie was watching over a certain baby blue hedgehog.
  'This is bad,' said Jules. 'If Naugus gets the Power Stone, he'll use its power for evil and conquer Mobius.'
  'And Mobodoon will die without its power source,' said Bernie.
  'We must place a force field around the stone, so no one can touch it, except Sonic,' said Jules eyeing at their baby.
  'What?' asked Bernie.
  'Remember what the wise one told us?'
  'He said that Sonic is gifted. When he grows up, he will have incredible skills and powers.'
  'And above all that, he can use the Power Stone's powers. This requires a big sacrifice.'
  'You mean we get Sonic away from Mobodoon? Away from us?'
  'And away from Naugus. The Green Hill Zone is just a hundred miles away from here. He'll be safe there.'
  'Then we must act now,' said another hedgehog as he marched in. He was a scientist that looked almost like Sonic, but with a moustache and bushy eyebrows.
  'Chuck,' said Jules.
  'We can take away Sonic's powers, and camouflage him to look like an average Mobian,' said Chuck. 'As an average Mobian, Naugus will never detect him. We cannot allow him to get his hands on Sonic, if he's the only one who can remove the stone once the force field is in place. His speed will remain, and when he breaks the sound barrier, his powers will return. Let's hope it doesn't happen until his adolescent years.'

Time passed, and the force field was placed around the Power Stone in the centre palace of Mobodoon.
  Now a brown hedgehog, baby Sonic was taken out of Mobodoon. Bernie took baby Sonic to a camel messenger, riding on a horse.
  'Where shall I take the baby hedgehog?' asked the camel.
  'To the Green Hill Zone village,' said Bernie. 'The population will take care of him as one of their own.'
  'I understand,' said the camel, then he took off on his horse, taking baby Sonic with him.
  'Goodbye, son,' said Bernie with a tear in her eye. The two hedgehogs returned to Mobodoon, when all of a sudden, lightning struck the place getting everyone's attention. Naugus appeared in the sky, startling everyone.
  'Citizens of Mobodoon, your time is up,' said Naugus. 'Since you have refused to relinquish the Power Stone to me, I shall send your entire kingdom into the Eternal Void! You will remain there until you have no choice but to give me the Power Stone!'
  A big portal to the void opened in the sky above Mobodoon.
  'If we're going into the Void, you're coming with us!' said a knight, wielding a small power stone empowered staff. He aimed it at Naugus, and trapped him in a green sphere. The void pulled the entire city of Mobodoon straight into it. The void closed afterwards, leaving a deserted wasteland in its place.

In the present time, Sonic was in the Station Square Zone, being chased by a giant rampaging truck, driven by Doctor Eggman.
  'If I cannot destroy you with robots, hedgehog, I shall destroy you with speed!' said Eggman. He pulled a lever, and the grill opened at the front of the truck, with five buzz saws coming out.
  'You're playing with fire, Robuttnik!' said Sonic.
  'My name is Eggman now!' shouted Eggman.
  'Alright, Egg-head! You're still a loser!'
  'You will eat those words!' Eggman pressed a button, and the buzz saws fired. Sonic dodged all of them, but the buzz saws changed direction and came back towards Sonic. The hedgehog leaped into the air and performed a spin attack, sending the buzz saws directly into the truck's path. One smashed into the roof above Eggman who was all shocked. The truck continued to chase Sonic along a freeway.
  'Now for the big finale,' said Sonic holding out a Power Ring. He powered up, and performed a U turn in the air, and impaled his way through the giant truck and destroyed it. Eggman flew out of the explosion in his Egg Mobile.
  'I hate that hedgehog!' yelled Eggman as he flew a way. 'One of these days, Sonic. One of these days, I will be rid of you forever, and Mobius will be mine again!'
  'Just keep saying that, Robuttnik,' said Sonic. His communicator went off, and he answered it. 'Sonic here.'
  'Sonic,' said the Kintobor Computer on the other end. 'I am picking up something out of the normal. It's an energy build up in the Great Unknown. I cannot tell what it is. I do know it's not connected with Eggman.'
  'No prob, Doc. I'll go and investigate.' Sonic zoomed off and journeyed to the Great Unknown, where he saw something big happening.
  The void had re-opened, and all of Mobodoon was restored, like it was before.
  'Doc,' said Sonic. 'A new zone has just appeared. I'm going to investigate.'
  'Be careful, Sonic,' said the Kintobor Computer.
  'There's something about this place that's familiar to me, like I've seen it before,' said Sonic as he stared directly at Mobodoon. 'Maybe it's because it looks like the Marble Garden Zone.'
  Sonic zoomed up to the entrance, which was a big open arch way. The hedgehog walked in, and looked around the city's buildings, and he spotted a computer terminal in a corner of a street. Sonic zoomed to it, and checked out what information appeared on the monitor. The monitor said "MOBODOON INFORMATION CENTRE". Sonic stared at the word "Mobodoon" like he had seen it before. Sonic clicked on a link that said "History of Mobodoon", and a video started playing.
  'Welcome to Mobodoon,' said Chuck the Hedgehog who appeared in the video as the announcer. 'I am Sir Charles Hedgehog and I will be your guide, around this great city...'
  All Sonic could do is stare in confusion. He was looking at a blue hedgehog with the same quills that he had, except he was older and more humble. Sonic then shook his head and came back to his senses. 'Okay, this show is over,' said Sonic. 'There's no way I'll be fooled by an older version of me again. This is a trap, and I'm leaving before it's sprung!'
  Sonic zoomed off and left Mobodoon, unaware that someone was watching from inside a nearby building. It was Jules.
  'We're back on Mobius, and our son has grown up,' said Jules.
  'Sonic has grown up?' said Bernie running up to him. 'It feels like we've only been in that hellish void for only a couple days.'
  'Sonic is blue again,' said Chuck. 'That's how Naugus found him and brought us back to Mobius.'
  'When he escaped, he trapped Mobodoon in a giant crystal,' said Jules. 'Time must have slowed down for us while trapped.'
  'And he's spent years trying to find a way to get hold of the Power Stone,' said Bernie. 'Now we're back, maybe Sonic can save us from the evil monster.'
  'We need to go after him,' said Jules.
  'I'm sure he'll be back,' said Chuck. 'But we have no idea what sort of hedgehog he has become now.'

'Thank you for helping us with the surprise party,' said Tekno, talking with Scratch in the Emerald Hill Zone village. 'We knew Sonic's birthday was coming up, and we wanted to surprise him. After all, he saved all of us from Robotnik when he ruled Mobius.'
  'Couldn't agree more,' said Scratch. 'And it's ironic that we used to work for that insane mad scientist, and now we're helping Sonic against him, or at least that clone of him.'
  'Good point. You should also thank me for another chance at life after Robotnik destroyed you when he went mad as the Zone Destroyer.'
  'Yes, and we do thank you, right Grounder?' Said Scratch, as Grounder came up to them.
  'Yeah, you're welcome,' said Grounder. 'I've got the banner done.' He held it out for Scratch and Tekno to read. They were disappointed by what it said.
  'Happy twenty-five years, Sonic?' said Scratch reading the banner. 'Grounder! Sonic is not twenty-five years old!'
  'Well, how should I know how old he is? I don't even know how old I am.'
  'Why don't I make the banner myself,' said Tekno.
  'Good idea,' said Scratch.
  Tekno nodded in agreement and walked off.
  'Hey Squash,' said Bob running up to them with a list. 'I've came up with a list of possible bands to perform at Tonic's wedding party.'
  'Birthday party,' said Scratch.
  'Yeah whatever,' said Bob. 'I couldn't write, so I had the monkey do the job for me. He said there's no way I could even get a hold of these bands. How silly is that?'
  'Let's see,' said Scratch as he looked at the list. 'What's this? The Rainbooms? Jem and the Holograms? Steven and the Stevens? The Misfits? Gazelle? Countess Coloratura? Bob, these bands and singers are all cartoon characters!'
  'You mean they're not real?' asked Bob.
  'OF COURSE THEY'RE NOT REAL!' snapped Scratch.
  'Jeez, sorry,' said Bob sarcastically. 'Maybe that mongoose lady will perform at the party instead.'
  'Or we could just play some music,' said Grounder. 'I got a couple of good CDs right here.' He took a few CDs out of his chest compartment, and Scratch had a look at them.
  'Justin Beaver?' said Scratch. 'Who'd wanna listen to HIS music?'
  'I would,' said Bob.
  'You like almost everything,' said Scratch, as he continued to look at the CDs. 'Now this is a band. Crush Forty. Good choice, Grounder. What? Marilyn Mantis? This is MY CD, Grounder! How many times have I told you not to take my stuff without permission?!'
  'I don't know, a dozen?'
  Scratch just looked mad at Grounder.
  'Guys,' shouted Tails running up to them. 'Sonic is on his way here. We must hide the...'
  Sonic zoomed right past them, causing Tails to almost fall over.
  'He didn't stop,' said Tails.

'Nicole, activate the Energy Weapons,' said Princess Sally, wearing new gloves, and standing in a big arena room.
  'Activating, Sally,' answered Nicole.
  Sally clenched her fists, and light blue energy blades appeared. 'Send in the practice Badniks,' ordered Sally.
  'As you wish, Sally,' said Nicole.
  The door opened and three Crab Meats and three Buzz Bombers entered.
  'It's show time,' said Sally with confidence. She leaped at the Badniks using her gymnastic skills, and struck a Crab Meat with her energy blades. She stabbed a Buzz Bomber's face with a blade and blew it up. She sliced another Crab Meat in half, blowing it up, and dodged the third Crab Meat's energy balls. She ran both blades into the Crab Meat, leaving only two Buzz Bombers left. They both fired at Sally, who dodged the attack. Then she leaped up at one Buzz Bomber and sliced it in half, but the other Buzz Bomber sneak attacked and shot Sally in the leg. The princess fell down, and collapsed. She looked up at the advancing Buzz Bomber. Sonic leaped into the air from the open doorway and destroyed the Buzz Bomber, and ran up to Sally.
  'Sal, you're okay?' asked Sonic as he helped Sally up.
  'I'm fine, Sonic,' said Sally.
  'You took out all these Badniks?' I thought Eggman quitted trying to capture you.'
  'Sonic!' said Sally in disgust. 'These Badniks were controlled by Nicole to help me train, and test out my new weapons.' Sally revealed her laser weapons. 'But it appears fighting six Badniks at once was too much. Thank you, Sonic.'
  'For what?' teased Sonic.
  'Oh you,' giggled Sally. 'So what brings you here?'
  'Sal, I've come across a place called Mobodoon.'
  Sally gasped, recognising the name.

'Curse that hedgehog!' said Eggman as he stormed into his office at the Egg Station in space, and marched past Grimer and Brutus.
  'Master,' said Grimer, getting Eggman's attention. 'I have some interesting...'
  'Not now, Grimer,' interrupted Eggman. 'Put all other projects aside and begin work on Project Mecha. I want her operational by the end of the week.'
  'Something else has come up, and it might be of interest to you,' continued Grimer.
  'Really? What is it?'
  'A city has mysteriously appeared in the Great Unknown, and the computers are picking up a great energy emitting from within it.'
  'Great energy?'
  'Even greater than the Chaos Emeralds,' said Brutus, as he showed Eggman an aerial view of the city on the monitor.
  'With that power, I could destroy Sonic and rule Mobius forever,' said Eggman.

'Mobodoon,' said Sally looking at an old book in her father's study at the palace. Sonic sat beside her as she talked to him. 'According to this book, it is a mystical city which appears once every twelve months. It stays in the Great Unknown for a total of fifteen days, and then it returns to its own dimension. The author of this book spent an entire year there studying... Oh my gosh!' Sally was shocked by something in the book.
  'What, Sal?' asked Sonic.
  'There's a guy in this photo, and he looks like you, Sonic.' Sally showed Sonic a photo of a hedgehog with spikes similar to Sonic's. 'This place could be where you were born?'
  'What?' said Sonic in shock. 'I'm not buying it. I grew up in the Green Hill Zone. I was brown. Doctor K's machine exploded and made me this way. This is all nothing but a coincidence.'
  'Sonic, who are your parents?'
  'How should I know? I was raised by the Green Hill folk. My friends, Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis, the other Sally Acorn. I never knew my parents. But if they were alive, they would be brown and more spikier.'
  'Sonic, after all the craziness we've been through in the past, and especially after learning about the hedgehog you saw in Mobodoon and the one in this book, I am not gonna believe that you were once a normal brown hedgehog who lost his parents, and gained his blue form from a lab accident and knows the word, "Mobodoon", even when he never saw the place nor had any memories of it. The answer to the whole mystery will be in Mobodoon. You are going back there to find answers,' said Sally, before placing her left hand on Sonic's right wrist. 'And I am going with you.'
  Sonic looked at the serious expression on Sally's face, and thought to himself for a second. 'Alright, Sal. We'll go to Mobodoon, and we'll find out which of us is right.'

Sonic and Sally stood outside of the Mobodoon city. Sally was astonished by what she was looking at. The city was exactly like in the photos of the book about Mobodoon.
  'It's amazing you actually found this, Sonic,' said Sally. 'This city used to appear once a year, but something happened a long time ago, and the city stopped showing up.'
  'How long ago?'
  'I estimate it happened around the time when... when you were just a baby.'
  'Say what?'
  'If you really are from Mobodoon, you must have been abandoned on Mobius when the city disappeared. Maybe someone escorted you to the Green Hill Zone.'
  'Well like you said, the answers will be here, in Mobodoon.'
  Sonic and Sally entered the city and walked around.
  'Seems very deserted,' said Sonic. 'Something must have happened to the people.'
  'Wait, guys!' shouted a familiar face running up to Sonic and Sally. It was Chuck the Hedgehog. Sonic and Sally turned to see who it was. Sonic gasped.
  'You're the old man I saw on that information computer,' said Sonic.
  'Old man?' said Chuck. 'Well, can't argue with that. But you are Sonic alright.'
  Sonic jumped in shock as the light blue hedgehog in front of him knows his name.
  'Who are you?' asked Sally.
  'I am Sir Charles Hedgehog,' said Chuck, introducing himself formally. 'Sonic, I am your Uncle Chuck.'
  'My uncle what?'
  'Well Sonic,' said Sally. 'It seems I was right all along. You are from Mobodoon.'
  'Yeah I get it now,' said Sonic. 'It's just too much to take in one day. Well, err Uncle Chuck, this is Princess Sally Acorn.'
  Sally nodded as Sonic introduced her.
  'The daughter of King Max Acorn?' asked Chuck.
  'You know my father?'
  'Yes,' said Chuck. 'During one of the yearly visits to Mobius, I worked at the king's palace. That's how I was knighted.'
  All of a sudden, the sky started to get cloudy, and flashes of lightning occurred followed by cracks of thunder.
  'What's happening?' said Sonic.
  'He's back,' said Chuck. 'The reason Mobodoon disappeared for years. We must go!'
  The evil Naugus appeared hovering in the air above Sally and the two hedgehogs.
  'We meet at last, Sonic the Hedgehog,' said the evil sorcerer. 'I am Naugus, and you are the key to getting exactly what I want!'


Mobodoon Part 1
Part 1 of 2.

Sonic discovers something shocking about the lost kingdom of Mobodoon

Part 6

Written by Stephen Ricketts

What a week it has been for Rocko and his friends. First, they defeated Foxer for good and sent her back to the Dark Forest, and then they finished off Zethus and put an end to the Doomborg nightmare for good. Since then, Caraville has been at peace. Finally, the night of the Caraville Film Festival had arrived. Many people sat down before a big screen behind a stage where Josephine Dragon stood.
  'Greetings all today for the film festival,' she said addressing everyone on the room. 'Before we start the presentation of movies, I wanna let you all know how pleased we got many entries. But we've narrowed them down to the following ten. However, to show how generous we are, everyone will get a bag of goodies, except the winner and runner ups who will receive special prizes.'
  'Oh boy,' said Ed. 'Imagine what we can buy with all that money?'
  'What makes you think the prize will be money?' asked Satchley.
  'Isn't it obvious?'
  'Not really.'
  'Now without any more hesitation,' continued Jo Dragon, 'here's the first movie. D-I-S-C-O by Wallace and Mel... Liese?'
  The movie a music video based on Ottawan's "D.I.S.C.O." starring Wallace and Mel-Liese, singing the song. The audience cheered as the song ended.
  'Next up is the Megamink Movie by Rocko Minka, Sarah Sleek and Lucas Barker,' said Jo, announcing the next movie. The movie showed the video camera recording of the three heroes fighting Foxer's Devil Camera monster.
  'Our third video tonight is Violet and Stella doing a Madonna tribute.'
  The video featured Violet and Stella performing two Madonna songs. Violet first performing "Get into the Groove", followed by Stella performing "Cherish". Violet's showed her on stage wearing her normal outfit, singing to the song. Stella's was based on Madonna's actual video. The audience cheered, except Stinky and Stenchy, who both had hearts in their wide eyes, and their own hearts were thumping.
  'What happened to the love story idea?' Lucas asked Violet and Stella who were sitting in front of him.
  'Well, after getting distracted at the park, we decided to shoot it at home,' said Violet. 'But it quickly went all blue, so we quit the idea and made the Madonna tribute video instead.'
  'I see,' said Lucas.
  'Next is a video by Skunky Ann and Elijah,' said Jo Dragon. 'It's called "The Case of the Golden Turtle".'

  'Caraville,' said Elijah narrating the movie. 'A quiet town for some that want it that way.'
  Elijah sat in his office, dressed up as a 1940s detective, reading a newspaper.
  'For me, Detective Elijah Private Eye,' he continued, 'Caraville is a place where the greatest mysteries come knocking at my door.'
  The door knocked, and Elijah put the paper aside.
  'Come in,' he said.
  The door opened, and Skunky walked in, dressed as a seductive lady in a red dress. Elijah's eyes opened wide, and a smile appeared on his face.
  'Detective Elijah,' she said in a rich sexy voice. 'My name is Skunky, and I need your help.'
  'That's what I'm here for,' said Elijah.
  'I've been entrusted with the Golden Turtle. My parents gave it to me when I was fifteen. It contains a secret document that could make someone rich beyond their dreams, and in the wrong hands, the consequences could be dire, disastrous, chaos...'
  'I get the idea. I'll take the case, Miss Skunky.'
  'Thank you.'
  The next scene, Detective Elijah was walking along an alleyway of a street.
  'Skunky told me the thief that stole the Golden Turtle wore a red cloak made of satin, so I went to the local satin cloak store to get information. The man at the store told me that there's one customer who always buys red cloaks, probably because they get easily stained. He also told me that the customer lives in an apartment building next to a jazzy night club. So I went to the club for more information. One of the showgirls told me she lives next door to the cloaked thief in the apartment building, room twenty two, so I staked out near the door number, and waited for the thief to return.'
  Detective Elijah stood behind a flower pot in a corner of the hallway, and saw the door to number 22 open and the thief ran out, wearing the red satin cloak as described.
  'The thief ran out of the room and carelessly forgot to lock the door,' continued Elijah, narrating the story. 'So I went in and investigated. The place was full of furniture made out of red satin just like the cloak the thief was wearing, and I came to the conclusion. He was obsessed with red satin. Oh, and I found a safe, and cracked the lock and inside was the shiny Golden Turtle statue. I got it out of the safe, and decided to wait for the thief to return so I could arrest him, but...'
  Elijah heard the sound of the door closing. He quickly turned around and saw the hooded cloak thief.
  'So, stealing my stuff huh?' asked the thief in a lady's voice.
  'It turned out the cloaked thief was a dame,' narrated Elijah.
  'You're a dame?' asked Detective Elijah in the story. 'I was expecting a man.'
  'And I wasn't expecting a snoop snooping around my boudoir so it looks like we're both disappointed,' said the sexy lady's voice, as she stripped off her cloak, revealing to be a familiar lady skunk, but with her white hair fur longer and covering her right eye.
  'Skunky?' asked Elijah in shock.
  'I am Skunky Ann's twin sister, Funky Ann,' said the sexy skunk. Then she wrapped her tail around Elijah, pulling him closer to her, rapping them together with her tail. 'And I've just snared a spy! Any last words before I spray you?'
  'Yes,' said Elijah. 'Cheese.' He pointed a flash light camera at the skunk, which went off, causing her to cover her eyes. Elijah got free, and grabbed some satin sheets, and used them to tie up Funky Ann.
  'Now that I have you caught in your own satin, I have some questions for you,' said Elijah. 'I'll start with the important question. Why did you take your sister's Golden Turtle?'
  'What do you think, genius? She's my sister, therefore, the turtle is half mine! I was gonna sell it for millions of cash. Imagine how much sultry satin I can get with that?' She laughed hysterically.
  'You're crazy. You're obsession with satin doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Here's looking at you, kid.' With his last words, Elijah left the apartment, with the Golden Turtle statue.
  In the next scene, Elijah was back in his office, giving Skunky Ann the golden statue.
  'Your statue is safe, and your sister I'm afraid will be doing time,' said Elijah.
  'I'm sorry to hear that,' said Skunky. 'She was kinda satin crazy. It must have had something to do with the dresses we got on our twelfth birthday. The statue contained a document that would be dangerous in the wrong hands. I'm just surprised that it was my sister's obsession with satin this whole time. I know how to make things right. Thanks for your help, Detective Elijah.' She kissed Elijah and made him blush, then she left.
  'Another day, another case closed by Detective Elijah, Private Eye,' narrated Elijah, as the movie came to an end.

  The movie ended, and the audience cheered.
  'You have a twin sister?' Mel-Liese asked Skunky.
  'No,' answered Skunky. 'I made Funky up, and I was playing two characters in the movie.'
  'I can easily play two characters at the same time,' said Mel-Liese.
  'Yes, I know.' said Skunky.
  The film festival continued. Four movies had been shown, and there were six more left.
  'Next movie, Ed Cluck's short story,' said Jo.
  'You made a movie?' Satchley asked Ed.
  'Yeah,' said Ed.
  The movie showed Ed holding a bucket of water and a sponge.
  'My name is Edward Cluck. I'm the window cleaner. I clean the windows. Thank you.'
  A sign saying "FINNISH" appeared on the screen, and the movie ended. The audience laughed, and Ed got up and looked at his audience.
  'Thank you,' said Ed. 'Thank you, everyone.'
  'Sit down you fowl!' said Satchley, pulling Ed down.
  Four more movies later, and they reached the last one.
  'Now for our last movie, it's The Amazing Satchley Cluck,' said Jo.
  'All the suspension, and my movie is last to play,' said Satchley. 'Now, Skunks. You edited everything together, didn't you?'
  'Err, to be honest,' said Stinky. 'We didn't have time to work on the video, with the other priority jobs you assigned us.'
  'So we gave the job to Ed,' finished Stenchy.
  'What?' said Satchley with worry.

  The movie began with text saying "The Amazon Satchel Clunk", and with "Rabbit" by Chas and Dave playing in the background. Satchley then appeared in a new recording in front of the Cluck Mansion.
  'My fellow Caravillians,' he said. 'It gives me great/ running/ business/ pleasure to talk about my life as a/ Megamink.' The video was badly edited, and the "Megamink" part came from the movie filmed near the hills during Rocko's fight with Zethus.
  The audience giggled and Satchley's beak mouth was hanging open.
  'This is Caraville Mountain,' said Satchley in the movie pointing up at Caraville Mountain in the background, followed by edits from other movie recordings. 'This is one of Caraville's important/ Quiet!/ tycoon.'
  After that, Satchley was back at the area with the dark sky in the background.
  'Hello again, my fellow Caravillians,' said Satchley. 'Behind me is/ peaceful, quiet, serene/ big black lagoon.'
  The video cut to a close up of the flashing lights and explosion sounds. Satchley continued with edited dialogue, saying 'Here it is very peaceful, quiet, serene/ peaceful/ serene/ quiet/ serene/ quiet/ peaceful/ QUIET!'
  The video cut to Satchley in front of the mansion again.
  'And that's the story of the amazing Satchley Janos Cluck/ tycoon/ lagoon/ superhero Megamink/ monster/ black lagoon/ quiet/ QUIET!/ Bye now.'
  The movie ended with the same "FINNISH" sign that was shown at the end of Ed's movie.

  Everyone in the room broke into laughter.
  'What the cluck did you do to my movie?' said Satchley in anger.
  'Well, Satch,' said Ed cowering in his chair. 'I was trying to make it funnier.'
  'Wasn't it supposed to be a comedy?'
  'No it was not!' yelled Satchley. 'Thanks to you, you've made me a laughing stock in front of everyone in this very room! I'm cutting off you allowance for six months!'
  'Months?!' shouted Ed mimicking Rainbow Dash, and then he cried like her.
  'Okay, one month,' said Satchley. 'Anything to stop that racket!'
  'Mr. Cluck,' said Jo, getting his attention. 'With all due respect, the important part of this film festival is to make entertaining movies. I take it you were trying to go for a serious documentary again? If you succeeded, you might not have won anything. You should thank Ed for making your video hilariously better.'
  'Better?' asked Satchley all bewildered. Everyone in the audience agreed.
  'Definitely better,' said Jo.
  'Well, in that case. Ed, I'm taking back your punishment.'
  'Aww thanks, Satch,' said Ed, hugging Satchley.
  'Please, not in public,' said Satchley, while Ed continued to hug him.

  About half an hour later, everyone was eating refreshments laid out on the table, and drinking orange juice, wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks etc.
  'Your movie was great, Elijah,' said Rocko. 'Very classy detective story.'
  'Thanks,' said Elijah.
  'Your Megamink movie was great as well,' said Skunky. 'Was that a real monster you fought.'
  'Yes it was,' answered Sarah.

  'Attention everybody,' said Jo getting everyone's attention. 'I have the final votes. The winner of the Caraville Film Festival is Elijah and Skunky for their detective movie. Second place is the Megamink movie by Rocko, Sarah and Lucas. And third place is Satchley Cluck and Edward Cluck's comedy movie, "The Amazon Satchel Clunk". Winner gets to have their movie shown on Caraville TV next week Saturday. The runners up both get trophy prizes. Congratulations, to all of you.'
  'Our movie's gonna be on TV,' said Skunky all excited.
  'I'm gonna recorded it,' said Stinky, with a blushing expression.
  'I don't think I wanna know what he's thinking,' said Skunky awkwardly.
  'A toast,' said Rocko holding up his glass, 'To three great movies.'
  Sarah, Lucas, Satchley, Ed, Elijah and Skunky all joined Rocko in the toast, and clanged their glasses together.


Megamink Zethus Reborn Part 6
Part 6 of 6.

No illustrations for this story.

Part 5

Written by Stephen Ricketts

Rocko, Sarah and the healed Lucas were back with Megara at her base in the Enchanted Forest. She explained everything about what happened.
  'It's true, Rocko,' she said. 'I don't know how, but he's been restored back to physical form. Part f his remaining body was still active after you destroyed the Emperor Doomborg onboard his Doom Star last year.'
  'Now that we've defeated Foxer, he has returned,' said Sarah. 'It won't be long until he tries to turn Caraville and all of Earth into a Doomborg nightmare.'
  Rocko gasped at the mention of "Doomborg Nightmare".
  'What?' asked Sarah.
  'My nightmares,' said Rocko. 'They have all recently been Doomborg related. They could have been warnings about what is going on right now.'
  'Well, we're not gonna let him win,' said Lucas. 'I hadn't forgotten the hell we had to suffer the first time I met these Doomborgs. They stripped us of our powers by wiring Megara to some machine. And we had to watch helplessly as the Earth was invaded, and everyone enslaved.'
  'But thanks to us, we erased that reality,' said Rocko. 'And we couldn't have done it without Foxer's help. That's one reason why I spared her life.'
  'She also helped us against Shadowmink when we were in Chucklewood,' said Sarah.
  'Guys, as much as I live going down memory lane, we don't have time for that now,' said Lucas.
  'He's right,' said Megara. 'My brother wanted you to invite your family and friends for an audience. But be careful. Zethus might have something in store for you, Rocko.'
  'Right,' said Rocko.

  'You want me to what?' asked Satchley when talking with Rocko outside the gates to the mansion.
  'Zethus wants an audience to see me and him fight it out. If I lose, it'll be the end of everything.'
  'You lose?' asked Satchley. 'You are Megamink. You have won against many evil enemies, and Caraville is still standing. I'm pretty sure it'll still b standing when you defeat this Zethus guy. Besides, I have a tight schedule and a movie that needs finishing, and will not be delayed any longer.'
  'Sorry, Mr. Cluck. I'll go now.'
  'Wait, before you leave, I have a question.'
  'Why did you invite me? I mean I'm not exactly a family member or a close friend of yours. I mean I tried to put you out of business with robots... which turned evil, and you had to stop them anyway. I guess that sort of answers my question. Maybe we do have a close connection, and you are friends with my adopted son Lewis.'
  'Hey Satch,' said Ed running up to them. 'What's going on?'
  'Rocko was inviting us to a battle.'
  'Of the bands?'
  'No, stupid. Now wipe that smile off your face. We have a movie to shoot and finish.'
  'Okay,' said Ed.
  'Good luck, guys,' said Rocko as he started walking off.
  'You too,' said Satchley.

Rocko, Sarah and Lucas returned to the quarry about an hour after their first encounter with Zethus. With them are Julie, Flexo, Fluffy, Thomas, Martin, Granny Liz, Lester, Lilly, Harvey, Violet, Stella, Skunky, Elijah, Mel-Liese, Wallace. They all stood near a cliff edge.
  'It's almost time,' said Rocko. 'Okay everyone. Zethus says he only wants to fight me. So Sarah, Lucas, Fluffy and Flexo. You mustn't interfere no matter what happens.'
  'But Rocko,' protested Sarah. 'What if he actually defeats you?'
  'If I'm near death, then that's when you guys can step in. Though I'm not exactly sure if Zethus will be playing fair himself.'
  The sky suddenly got a bit dark and cloudy, and lightning struck in the sky, hitting the ground below, forming Zethus. The evil mink stood up, looking up at his audience.
  'It's time,' said Rocko. 'Megavice.' The Megavice appeared in his right hand, and then he held it up, shouting 'Megamink Activate!' He transformed into Megamink. 'Wish me luck, guys.'
  'Good luck,' said Julie.
  'Thanks,' said Megamink. He leaped off the edge of the cliff and landed on the lower ground and faced against Zethus.
  'So glad you accepted my invitation,' said Zethus.
  'I know you are strong,' said Megamink. 'But this isn't the first time I fought with an Enchanted Animal. There was this ferret named Rubius. He was very powerful, but he changed and turned good, when he turned his only friend to crystal by accident.'
  'That reminds me of a movie where all these bears stood around someone chanting "we care". Well, coincidences are one thing, but if you think I have a chance to turn good like Rubius, you are wrong. I have had just enough time to create three Doomborgs, for the sole purpose of fighting you.' The evil mink raised his hand, firing beams, summoning the three Doomborgs which appeared in front of him, facing against Megamink.
  'Megamink sighted,' said a Doomborg in its emotionless robotic voice. 'Terminate!'
  The three Doomborgs attacked, and Megamink fought them, while the seventeen spectators watched from a distance. Megamink summoned his Mega Sword and used it to destroy the three Doomborgs, which all went out in big explosions.
  'Megamink, one. Doomborgs, zero,' said Megamink.
  'That was just the warm up,' said Zethus. Now you will fight with me.'
  The evil mink powered up, and charged at Megamink. They exchanged blows and punches, and sent the battle into the air. Megamink charged after Zethus, who fired energy blasts from his hands. Megamink blocked the blasts with his right hand as he came flying towards Zethus. Megamink reached the evil mink, and kneed him in the stomach, and sent him crashing to the ground. Megamink landed on the ground and waited for Zethus to get up.
  'Your Doomborgs may be tough, Zethus, but physically, you're as strong as Foxer's monsters. I could destroy you easily, but no matter what you and Megara say, I'm sure you could use your special powers to help others rather than destroy them.'
  'Ha! I have only been toying with you,' said Zethus as he got up. 'I haven't shown you the full extent of my powers.' The evil mink disappeared, and reappeared as a holographic head in the sky, laughing evilly. He breathed fire from his mouth directly at Megamink, causing some explosions around him. The spectators gasped as they witnessed the battle in front of them.
  Megamink fired lasers from his eyes directly at the giant head, causing it to disappeared. Megamink was then struck by lightning, causing more explosions around him. Zethus landed on the ground, facing against Megamink.
  'Now I am ready to show you my ultimate surprise,' said Zethus. He held up a triangle shaped device. 'I have decided to follow my sister's idea, and create my own Megamink powers.'
  'Your own powers?' said Megamink.
  'That's right,' said Zethus, raising his device. 'Zenomink Activate!'
  The device flashed and transformed into powerful energy, which covered Zethus, transforming him. The result caused the whole area to shake, and the spectators and Megamink had trouble standing up. A big explosion occurred around Zethus, and the fire and smoke was magically blown away, revealing the golden purple armoured form. Megamink gasped at Zethus' new powers.
  'My gosh,' he said. 'Your powers have increased so incredibly.'
  'Do I detect a hint of fear, Megamink?' asked Zenomink.
  'No way,' said Stella as she and the others. 'He's a Megamink too?'
  'Now I'm starting to worry,' said Flexo. 'If he destroys Rocko?'
  'Then we'll face against him,' said Fluffy.
  The evil Zenomink powered up, emitting a powerful charge of energy, which shook the area around himself and Megamink.
  'This is bad, very bad,' said Megamink, to himself. 'Now I'm starting to miss Foxer. But if I don't stop him right here and now, I may as well kiss the entire planet goodbye, so I have no choice.'
  'Now shall we proceed?' Zenomink asked Megamink, after finishing his power up.
  'Let's,' answered Megamink.
  Megamink and Zenomink charged at each other, and a big battle began. Zenomink grabbed Megamink's tail, and span around, making Megamink dizzy. The evil Zenomink sent Megamink flying into the air. Zenomink leaped up and charged right after Megamink. He conjured a pink energy ball in his right hand, and fired it directly at Megamink. Megamink blocked the attack with his crossed arms. Megamink then fired lasers from his eyes directly at Zenomink, who dodged the attacks.

  'Satchley Cluck's video, take... err... something,' said Ed, snapping the slate and accidentally hurting his fingers in the process. The Stink Brothers were operating the camera.
  'Hello again, my fellow Caravillians,' said Satchley to the camera. 'Behind me is a nice view of Caraville's trees, mountains, hills, etc. Here it is very peaceful, quiet, serene...'
  Satchley's speech was interrupted by the sounds of explosions, and an exhibit of flashing lights in the horizon, where the sky had gotten dark and cloudy.
  'And that is the sound of our resident superhero Megamink, fighting some evil monster from the big black lagoon.'
  'Big black lagoon?' asked Ed all puzzled.
  'Quiet!' ordered Satchley.

  Megamink and Zenomink flew towards each other exchanging punches and kicks. Zenomink sent Megamink to the ground.
  'Take this, Megamink!' shouted Zenomink, raising his right fist above his left shoulder, sticking two fingers out, which formed a small pink energy ball. He swung his arm across, forming a pink laser blade which zoomed down near Megamink, hitting the ground. Once the dust settled, Megamink and the others watching gasped as they saw a big cut in the ground.
  'As you can see, Megamink, my powers are beyond your comprehension! I am no longer interested in forming a Doomborg Empire. I am now more obsessed with destroying you, even if I have to blow up this mud ball of a planet as well!'
  'Can he really blow up the Earth? asked Martin, as he and the others watched.
  'It looks that way,' said Sarah. 'Zethus created his powers just like his sister created ours. And as Zethus is evil, his powers might rival that of Megamink's.'
  'That whimper-snapper needs a good caning, and my grandson is gonna give it to him!' said Granny Minka in anger.
  Zenomink aimed his hands at Megamink and formed a pink energy ball, which fired blasts of energy at Megamink, who dodged most of the attacks. But there was so many of them. Megamink got hit by several blasts, causing explosions.
  'Going down,' said Megamink, as the explosions caused Megamink to land on the ground.
  'Now you've seen my incredible powers, Rocko Minka, do you admit I am stronger than you? In fact, I order you to bow yourself to me.'
  'I will never bow myself to evil, Zethus!'
  'That is not polite. You forgot to say "Lord".' Zenomink zoomed at Megamink, and punched him in the stomach. 'If you will not submit to me, then I have another test, that will prove that my Zenomink powers are stronger than your Megamink powers. We have a shootout, and the fastest will win.'
  'You mean we count to three and then fire at each other?'
  'Very well. And if I win, you turn yourself in and destroy your Zenomink device.'
  'I accept,' said Megamink.
  Megamink and Zenomink both stood up and went out into the open, and faced against each other.
  'On the count of three,' said Zenomink. 'One, two, THREE!'
  Megamink fired beams from his eyes, and Zenomink pointed his finger, and fired a beam directly at Megamink's chest. Megamink's beams hardly phased Zenomink, and Zenomink's beam penetrated Megamink's armour and went straight through his body. The attack, caused the Megamink powers to deactivate. Rocko threw up some blood, and collapsed on his front.
  'Rocko!' shouted Sarah, with the others all gasping.
  Zenomink walked up to the injured Rocko, and used his foot to roll Rocko onto his back.
  'Now you see what my powers are capable of, Megamink?' said Zenomink. 'I cannot hear you, Rocko Minka. Talk!' The evil Zenomink pressed his foot down on Rocko's chest, right on top of the wound. Rocko screamed in pain.
  'I'm not watching any more of this!' said Sarah.
  'I'm not watching this either,' said Violet.
  'Then look at me,' Stella said seductively. The two bunny girls smiled seductively at each other and then kissed passionately.
  'Seriously?' said Lucas. 'This isn't the time!'
  'Let them be,' said Mel-Liese. 'If I was gonna die, I'd do the same, but kissing myself. I'm sure Wallace would love to see that.'
  Wallace blushed.
  'I'm gonna help him,' said Sarah. 'Megavice!' The device appeared in her hand. 'Turbosquirrel activate!' She transformed into Turbosquirrel, and charged at Zenomink at super speed, and kicked him in the head, sending him flying across the open area. She landed beside the injured Rocko.
  'Sarah,' said Rocko in pain. 'Looks like the rules are out the window now.'
  'Looks like it,' said Turbosquirrel. 'Now lie still so I can heal you. That Zenomink Zethus will be back any minute.' Turbosquirrel used her powers to heal Rocko's wound. Turbosquirrel then helped the healed Rocko back onto his feet.
  'Thanks, Sarah,' said Rocko.
  Zenomink returned and faced against the two heroes, and he was mad. 'Turbosquirrel,' he said. 'You dare interfere?'
  'We made our own plans,' said Rocko, then he transformed into Megamink. 'If you mess with one of us...'
  Hyperwolf, Midas Megamink and Heart Megamink landed beside Megamink and Turbosquirrel.
  ' mess with all of us,' finished Turbosquirrel.
  'You cheaters!' said Zenomink in anger.
  'You had three Doomborgs fight me,' said Megamink. 'So this evens things out.'
  'I'll destroy you all!' said Zenomink, and he started fighting the five heroes, who eventually overpowered him. The others on the cliff cheered.
  'Time to end this,' said Megamink. 'Mega Blades!' He summoned his boomerang weapon and powered it up, and threw it directly at Zenomink, causing a big explosion. The impact damaged Zenomink's armour.
  'This cannot be happening!'
  Megamink charged up his Mega Sword, and Turbosquirrel did the same with her Turbo Staff, and Hyperwolf with his Hyper Daggers. The three heroes struck Zenomink with their attacks. Hyperwolf first, followed by Turbosquirrel, and Megamink gave his charged up sword one mighty swing, finishing off Zenomink.
  'Damn you, Rocko!!!!' shouted Zenomink as he went up in a powerful explosion, destroying the Zenomink powers and Zethus with it. After the explosion, the dark clouds were lifted, and the bright blue sky returned. The five heroes deactivated their powers and their family and friends joined them.
  'You were great, my little angel,' Lester said to Sarah.
  'Dad please, not in front of the others.
  'D'oh! I forgot about that.'
  'Normally I don't kiss boys,' said Violet grabbing Rocko by the shoulders. 'But you're nothing like the perverts I've dealt with, so...' She got ready to kiss the scared Rocko on the mouth.
  'Violet!' shouted Sarah.
  'With your girlfriend's permission of course,' Violet said nervously.
  'Very well,' said Sarah, but one peck on the cheek.'
  Rocko moved his head to let Violet kiss him on the cheek, which she did.
  'Can I get a kiss too?' asked Lucas.
  Violet and Stella looked at each other and then they looked at Lucas and just blew him kisses.
  'Not exactly what I meant,' said Lucas.
  'I'm proud of you, son,' said Thomas.
  'You know what,' said Rocko. 'We should go and celebrate somewhere. With Foxer and Zethus gone, it just feels right to do that.'
  'Yeah, and we have the film festival,' said Lester, then he just remembered something. 'D'oh! I forgot about making a video for the festival!' He ran off.
  'Lester wait!' said his wife Lilly chasing after him.
  The others laughed and followed.




Megamink1997's Profile Picture
Stephen Ricketts
United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Various, particularly rock and pop, and heavy metal
Favourite style of art: Furry, Anime/Manga, and retro 70s 80s and 90s cartoon art.
Operating System: Lenovo
Favourite cartoon character: Hard to choose as I have so many.
  • Watching: The Raccoons
  • Drinking: Pepsi
I have been meaning to write this journal entry during the games, but kept putting it off until now. So I thought I'd go ahead and write it, even though the Olympics is over now.

Here's a link to the Raccoons fanfic I wrote back in 2012 when the London Olympics was happening. :)
Written by Stephen Ricketts, Jennifer Elliot, Rkerekes13 & Jacob Turner
The Raccoons © Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group
Alvin and the Chipmunks © Bagdasarian Productions & DiC
Michelle Raccoon © Brighteyespegasi
Alicia, Melanie & Zoza © Alicia Martin
Mel Raccoon © Mel Lowe
Stephen Raccoon © Stephen Ricketts
The Railway Dragon © Lacewood Productions
Animalympics © Lisberger Studios
Bentley and Penny were relaxing by the lake, with fishing rods.
PENNY: 'It was nice of you to invite me here, Bentley.'
BENTLEY: 'Thanks, Penny. To be honest, I miss Bert and even my sister, ever since they went to England to compete in the Olympics.'
PENNY: 'I know, I miss 'em too. But we'll get to see them live on TV.'
BENTLEY: 'That's true. And Michelle's sister is visiting us again.'
Mel Raccoon and Stephen Raccoon stepped off the train, and were greeted by Michelle, who was wai

Also, knowing there have been a few sport events in the Raccoons, I thought I'd list them out, even ones not included in the Olympics. :)

STOP THE CLOCK: Track and Field
LIFE IN THE FAST LANE: Motocross Racing
THE SKY'S THE LIMIT: Flight Contest**
STEALING THE SHOW: Skateboard Contest**
MOVING IN: Basketball
GO FOR GOLD: Triathlon

The ones with ** I'm not sure if they count as sport events.

I might have missed some, but that's all I can remember. :)

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